Interior Design Trends to Know


The design of modern homes is following a never-ending path toward becoming more flexible and accommodating to its users. A home today should not simply be a place to live but an ideal place to do business. As such, I confidently predict that this new wave of high-end residential workspaces and offices will be a prevalent design trend through 2021. Trendy Flexibility Trend: Flex Spaces For All Types of At-Home activities

New Year’s resolutions require a refreshed approach to your home design. New Year’s resolutions are prioritized by habit. Thus, it is not surprising that most homeowners begin their improvement projects by focusing on projects around the home. This new year’s trend will focus on home ergonomics, home design, and other trends in home improvements.

Trendy Image via LED Lighting: As home lighting trends become evermore diverse and innovative, we are seeing new design elements that contribute to better image via lighting. LED lighting provides clean energy and accent flexibility while providing a sleek look. A great accessory to any home decor, LED lighting can be used to illuminate accent furniture, accent walls, and other hard-to-see areas. This trend will also support the growing trend of using LED bulbs over incandescent bulbs. Bulbs will likely become increasingly popular as designers look to provide elegant design elements.

Colorful Floral Patterns: “Flowers” is the new “undy.” It is expected that flowers will feature prominently in flower care design trends by 2021. The color trend is expected to expand beyond roses and tulips and incorporate yellows, reds, pinks, and even blues by the end of next year. “Flowers” is a color which is easily coordinated with practically every type of decor. From contemporary to traditional, floral patterns appeal to a wide variety of consumers. Shapes will vary from simple floral arrangements to intricate abstract designs.

Image via Textures: Textures are a big part of the design trend for the future. From stylish throws to large-scale wall murals, textured patterns provide an elegant edge. From subtle to bold, textures add interest and character to modern home decor. Textures may include aged wood, rustic metal, or exotic stone. The trend will continue to grow as more consumers seek out unique design elements to compliment their current home furnishings.

Trendy Design Trends for Home Offices: One of the most exciting design trends in home offices is the introduction of “Pandemic” designs. Pandemic themes bring about a sense of fear within a home office setting. The Pandemic theme has a negative connotation, but it is important to remember that this was created as a reaction against modern design styles. The concept was born from an outbreak of a deadly virus in the 21st century. The goal of this design trend is to create a feeling of safety, security, and order in a home office setting.

Image via Textures: Textures are creating a massive impression on consumers. These style elements include multi-colored sheets of fabric, stenciled walls, and distressed wood finishes. The idea behind texture is to give walls a worn appearance. Texture gives walls depth and dimension and helps consumers place furniture around the room. Textures will continue to evolve as decorating styles take a foothold in the marketplace.

Trendy Minimalist Decor: Minimalists have defined minimalism as a style that creates space without excessive ornamentation. Elements of minimalism consist of geometric patterns, basic shapes, and sleek lines. This design style is all about the environment. For the next five years, minimal design trends will likely feature heavily. Excessive ornamentation is becoming obsolete, and consumers want to maximize floor space in newly constructed homes.

Trendy Transitional Color Trends: Colors in the next five years will undergo significant change. Turquoise and sapphire are two of the hottest colors right now. In addition to vibrant hues, these elements are considered to be warm and comforting. The idea with transitional colors is to combine warm tones with cooler tones. Consumers will continue to look for unique ways to pair colors that are complimentary.

Trendy Outdoor Spaces: Trends from outdoors will impact outdoor spaces the most. Trends in exterior home decor trends will include earth tones and brick colors. Earth tones represent traditional looks, but can also be incorporated into modern spaces for a look that is unique. Brick colors are becoming extremely popular and can be used to add texture and depth to outdoor spaces.

Geometric Shapes: Shapes are expected to play a large role in interior design for the next five years. While the current geometric designs will remain, there will be an increase in the use of abstract shapes like ovals and rectangles. Geometric shapes are usually associated with modern, chic style homes. Shapes will play a large part in bathrooms and kitchens, where bathrooms are often large spaces with plenty of glass, which will need some type of geometric access pattern or color to help getedo creative ideas.